Changes (wishes for WR)

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Changes (wishes for WR)

Post#1 » Tue, May 16, 2017 8:43 pm

Hello soldiers,

my wishes for the new publisher would be:
➥ New website interface with cool functions (like a well-organized webshop, a working ranking system, a working profile system and a working clan system page.
➥ Ingame changements such as a cool Clan System, maybe some graphic changements (UI), fixing languages mistakes, some cool maps that we're still not having on our version and the full training mode system.
➥ Serious GameMasters (GMs and HGMs) that can be online everyday at least two or three of them per day to check the ingame situation (things that is currently not happening).
➥ Serious consideration for the community (the players) and to its suggestions.

This would make WarRock a glory game again, like it was many years ago.

These would be my wishes.

- make it worthwhile -

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